Lourise du Toit

Lourise du Toit

Buisness Owner & Entrepreneur

"Coe'Lanie is the business that I had started a couple of years ago, on a very small scale because my husband was working abroad at that stage and I had to resign from Foskor, where I was a Quality Controller. He was home for three times a year and I could not get that much leave.

After his first visit I realised that I am not suited to be Home Executive and started doing things to keep myself busy. I made jewelry and did rock art at my own house. After that the rock art started to become a full-time business with the amount of requests I had received from other people to do rock art at their houses.With the rubble removal I had

requests for yard clean-ups and garden services. I only had my own home equipment at that stage - one lawn mover and one weed-eater, but I started doing it, and today the garden service is a business on its own.

A couple of years ago, while working in Brackenham, the kind homeowner said she had received scripture and a word from the Lord for me.'She told me to pray the prayer of Jabez and said the Lord will bless me so that I will employ more and more people. Every morning we start the day with the Jabez prayer: "Thank you God for the blessings you gave me and those still to come..."

Today I have 95 monthly gardens, and all are happy customers.

Coe'Lanie is just growing daily due to God's blessings.

We have work for big companies as well, like Group 5, Growth Point, Fencerite and recently landed the contract to maintain Bell Equipment's gardens. Stedone has signed an agreement with us to plant the sports fields at several schools. We also have a housekeeping team, cleaning houses; we have a general maintenance team, a team of painters and tilers.

Currently I have 40 employees, and with my team I will take on any job.

We have a lot of respect for each other." I believe in God's blessings and that's why we only grow from strength to strength!